As a home business owner YOU are told that the fastest way to build a business online is to have a blog. So like you I went looking for some training. One of my biggest frustrations was that every Blogging course took forever

The blog training averaged anywhere from 30-90 minutes. I never had time for this. When I could carve out time, I always seemed to get interrupted by life, family, kids, phone calls, and emergencies. So I spent a lot of time re-watching the same thing over and over again.

Someone gave me a solution to this, have a sticky note pad next to your computer so that you could write down the time that you left the training.  This worked great until one of the kids grabbed the pad and threw away the sticky note, where I written my stop time. Ugh!

Honestly,what frustrated me the most about these training courses was that when I went back to find just one crucial piece of training I needed, I had to watch the entire training all over again, just to find that one nugget of information.

And getting live support… forget about it. The creator of the course didn’t offer a way to get any questions answered. I felt like I was left standing alone in the middle of a hot, dry dessert holding an empty cup with no water in site.

Yet, slowly I learned how to blog. I got my first blog post up and I was on my way.

For 4 year I failed to produce one single lead, recruit a single rep, or even build a business online.

It wasn’t until I met Tim Erway and invested in my blogging education that I finally understood everything I was doing wrong.

It took over 11 months & I invested well over $7,000 before I was able to finally crack the blogging for profit secret formula.

It was because of this formula that I was able to retire from my corporate Chef job after 12 years.

Blogging gave me financial freedom, time freedom, and finally family freedom. I was able to replace my income with blogging and building my home business.

This formula that I am about to reveal has pre-qualified 100’s of leads, added an extra $700 monthly residual income, and builds my network market business all on auto pilot.

Inside Blogging Ingredient you will find the short cuts, the must haves, and the million dollar blog template that transformed my blog.

The best thing about Blogging Ingredients is how fast, effective, and EASY it is to ingrate into your life. In just 5 minutes, while drinking a cup of coffee you will learn the ultimate secret ingredients to blogging for profit.

Finally, a blogging course built with YOUR lifestyle in mind.

What make Blogging Ingredients unlike anything else out there is just how FAST it works. In the time it has taken you to read this, you could already have your blog created and written your first blog post.

Imagine what it would mean to you, if your blog could generate endless targeted traffic and start making you an extra $700 a month.

Picture the look on your uplines face when your blog pre-qualifies your leads for you and you begin recruiting 5-10 leads a month, ready to buy, credit card in hand.

By now, you’re probably asking yourself, why Blogging Ingredients? Well, the answer is simple…

I have helped 37 busy and frustrated home business builders just like you finally get a blog started or finally get those with a blog laser focused, for profit producing results.

Those that have gone through Blogging Ingredients have shaved 3-5 years off their blog learning curve. Producing 90% faster results than the blogger who is trying to figure it out on their own.

Let me break down what you’re going to get when you commit to Blogging Ingredients

  • It only take 5 minutes to start blogging and won’t interfere with your busy life
  • Want to learn the secret to getting traffic to your blog quickly and easily? No problem, just watch the 5 minute training video in module 1 and you’ll discover how to open the flood gates of traffic to your blog.
  • Looking for where to get your domain and host site without breaking the bank? No problem, just watch the 5 minute training video in module 2. (Students rave about the customer service of this recommended domain/hosting site and price value.)
  • Once you’ve discovered this Million Dollar Blog Template, you’re going to finally be able to create blog post that people can’t help but share. Meaning more traffic, more lead, and more profit for you. (5 minute training video in module 4)
  • Want to learn the secret to getting people to share your blog without even reading your blog post? Just watch the 5 minute training video in module 5.

Here are just a few success stories with Blogging Ingredients…

[testimonial3 author=”Julie Muller, Chicks Connect, Oregon” + pic=”×150.jpg”]“Everyone says, “You have to have a Blog!” I have been hearing that for months but having one and knowing HOW TO create one are two different things. Blogging Ingredients takes the overwhelming task of creating a Blog and breaks it down into an easy step by step process that anyone can follow.  I highly recommend Blogging Ingredients.”[/testimonial3]

[testimonial3 author=”Jeff Beeman @” + pic=””]“Thank you for getting my Blogging strategy back on track. I have been Blogging off and on now for a handful of years but never had a clear plan of action until I started working with the Blogging Ingredients course. The video training is quick, easy and hassle free to follow and learn from. Beginner or experienced you will find yourself asking : “Why didn’t I buy with this course sooner””[/testimonial3]

Now it’s Your Turn To Start Blogging for Profit

Here are the details of this amazing Blogging Ingredients system.

  • How to Avoid the #1 Blogging Mistake 90% of Blogger Make
  • Step by Step Video Training to Setting Up Your Blog in 5 minutes ($97 value)
  • Secret Profit  Producing Ingredients Required for Blogging ($97 value)
  • Million Dollar Blog Template ($97 value)
  • Getting Social and Going Viral ($250 value)
  • Advanced Marketing Training ($2,000 value)
  • Bonus: Domain Secrets ($97 value)
  • Bonus: Access to Private Facebook & Google+ Mastermind Group ($97/monthly)
  • Bonus: Weekly Live Blog Training Hangout with Chef Katrina ($480/monthly)

That’s a total real world value of $9,749.

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Blogging Ingredients

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